Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions


The garage is a common sight in England, though as time goes on and our society gets safer, the need to house cars securely has diminished.


As a result, many properties find their garages serving at best as a glorified shed, and at their worst as an active drain on the value potential of said property.


The good news is that here at G F. Construction, we’re skilled in breathing new life into your garage, and restoring it to a sense of true purpose.


It also gets better: having a garage conversion done can add value to your property in much the same way that a loft conversion does.

Make Your Garage Truly Your Own


Converting a garage into liveable space can be a surprisingly simple process at a practical level, but it can also come with certain challenges.


For example, in order to convert a garage at all, the property owner must obtain approval under the Building Regulations.


Fortunately, G F. Construction are there for you, and we’re pleased to say that we can handle all applications on your behalf.


We’re firm believers in keeping it simple, and in this case it means taking the stress out of the process so that you can focus on making the important choices about your property and its future.


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