Building Work

Building Work


Most property owners will at some stage in their lives find that it becomes a necessity to have at least some form of property maintenance or modification performed.


At G F. Construction, we appreciate that regardless of the scale of work you need doing, your home or business is close to the centre of your world, and that you should only pick a builder who can demonstrate from the get-go that they possess both the skills and the adaptability to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.


For some great reasons as to why we fit the bill for the perfect builder for you, read on below.

What Makes Our Building Work Unique?


We appreciate that for any home or business owner, a large concern lies in knowing what kind of impact to your daily routine having work done will have.


For home owners, it can be difficult to keep track of large teams of tradesmen, which can lead to an air of unease when foot traffic gets heavy, and for business owners this problem only becomes more complex, especially when you consider that many modern business enterprises will have security procedures of their own to adhere to in addition to ongoing work.


At G F. Construction, we’re pleased to say that all the building work we carry out is performed by a highly trained, skilled and small team of extremely dedicated builders who make themselves familiar to you from day one.


That means you can trust us to familiarise ourselves to the security needs of each project we take on, and you’ll never see anyone working with us that you haven’t already met.

What Makes Our Building Work Great ?


Our company ethos is all about maximising the potential of a small team, and it’s no surprise that it translates into our practical skill set.


When you hire us, you don’t just get the cost effectiveness and efficiency of a small team; you also get years of experience and a staggeringly wide range of qualifications and associations.


For starters, we’re a member of the federation of master builders. Add recognition from The Guild of Master Craftsmen to that, and it becomes clear that we have the reputation to more than back up our claims.


In addition, we’re skilled and experienced in all aspects of construction, from foundation laying right through to plastering and electrics.


With such a complete skill set represented in such a tight knit and efficient team, we’re the obvious choice for your needs.


And if all of that wasn’t enough, we’re also pleased to say that we can handle all planning applications and building regulation work for you, giving you peace of mind as you watch your project take shape.


Any more questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our contact page and enquiry form.

For any enquiries relating our building work services,  please call on 07836533058 today