Welcome To GF Construction

Together, we bring every possible type of applicable skill that a project could ever require, which means that when you purchase our services, you receive the most complete experience. We’re qualified in industries and platforms ranging from construction to electrics and joinery, and we’re members of The Guild Of Master Craftsmen and FMB.

Building Work


Most property owners will at some stage in their lives find that it becomes a necessity to have at least some form of property maintenance or modification performed.


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We’re experienced in performing a wide variety of building and home extensions.


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Merseyside is home to some beautiful architecture, much of it historic and, by extension, of more advanced years.


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Kitchen & Bathroom Refurbishments


A kitchen refurbishment or bathroom refurbishment is often simultaneously a necessary, yet daunting task.


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Loft Conversions


Our builders are fully equipped to take on your loft conversion project and add value to your home today.


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Garage Conversions


The garage is a common sight in England, though as time goes on and our society gets safer, the need to house cars securely has diminished.


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Absolute Best Level Of Quality

So, whether you need a small activity room for your home, or a purpose-built structure for your business, you can count on us to bring the absolute best level of quality, value and dedication to your project in a package that’s cost effective, efficient and smooth from start to finish.

Don’t forget; if you have a question that you don’t see an answer to on our site, feel free to call or use our handy contact form!